Shore Excursioneer Live Help Customer Reviews

Our Live Chat feature allows customers to quickly interact with our Shore Excursion booking specialists for any assistance required. We continuously monitor the performance and customer satisfaction provided in order to constantly improve our services. We at Shore Excursioneer are happy to share those Online Live Chat booking service reviews with you. Happy shore excursions shopping!

2 days ago
My experience was very satisfactory.
3 days ago
Andrea was super helpful in resolving my issue!
Beth A Lindgren
5 days ago
andrea is great
David Wellbaum
6 days ago
it was what i needed
7 days ago
Good service
Terry rieder
8 days ago
You list excursions that leave before the ship gets into ports.Your program should filter those excursions out for the itinerary that was listed
10 days ago
Excellent help and directly answered my question!
12 days ago
Very satisfied with the answers given
Daniel cavazos
12 days ago
Awesome help from Andrea
William Silver
16 days ago
Milo was extremely helpful !
Leanelle Quilloy
21 days ago
Andrea was very helpful.
Bruce Eliad
23 days ago
Lia was very helpful
24 days ago
Very quick and helpful.
Karen Worrall
25 days ago
Lia was fabulous :-)
26 days ago
The agent answered all my questions.
27 days ago
Lia was very nice and very helpful.
Felisha S Lucas
27 days ago
Very helpful and easy to cancel my excursion
Stacy Bristow
30 days ago
Susana helped me with my questions & made it very simple to do. Thank you.
Raymond Wetter
31 days ago
First time using the site. Tania was prompt in answering and direct
34 days ago
Milo was very helpful and truthful. I really appreciated him.
Shaun Wright-Ritter
41 days ago
We were able to quickly and easily receive a refund when our ship was unable to make the intended port in Grand Cayman.
44 days ago
As usual, your site is excellent!!!
45 days ago
I wasn't satisfied with the answers I got because I didn't find the excursion I was looking for.
46 days ago
Great service. Thanks.
Julian Mondragon
46 days ago
All was good but the site, when I went to pay it said not found, but sent me conformation email not long after so overall really good just had me confused.
Deborah Ross
47 days ago
Love Shore Excursioneer, used many times on previous cruises. Great prices!!
Angie Ranola
52 days ago
Lia was very helpful and I got my question answered quickly.

It was easy to connect w/ the chat aupport.
Ranada Williams
52 days ago
Tania was helpful and was able to resolve the issue quickly.
56 days ago
quick response & helped me make mu decision on what to book in amber cove
57 days ago
would have been perfect if she had answered the question for the right resort to begin with. I asked about one location and she was telling me an answer to my question for a different location.Otherwise she was pleasant and ansewred the question.
58 days ago
Agent very helpful and calm and very patient.
59 days ago
Agent very helpful and calm and very patient.
62 days ago
Very fast and efficient. Thank you.
Charlie King
63 days ago
Quick and easy and my question was answered with great knowledge from the agent.
Emily Acosta
66 days ago
never any issues very accomodating
Jeff Rowe
68 days ago
Susana is Great! Handled my request effectively and efficiently.
68 days ago
Helped me with all my needs.
68 days ago
Susana is FANTASTIC. Helped me with all my needs.
Peter Brock
68 days ago
Milo answered my question perfectly.
Denise Wright
69 days ago
The agent was extremely helpful in trying to add 5 more to our excursion that the website says is no longer available. He is going to check and respond by email!
Beth lindgren
70 days ago
susana is excellent
72 days ago
your service has always been top notch.
Deborah Cooke
72 days ago
I had to cancel, and they helped me with no problems
Wendy Payne
74 days ago
Love milo
77 days ago
Susana answered all my questions and provided me with a direct link to the tickets I could not access.
Casey Cap
79 days ago
Always quick and helpful responses. Very nice customer service as always.
80 days ago
You should offer coupons as a complimentary thing.
84 days ago
The agent was just perfect..... he just had to give us answers that we didn't like.
86 days ago
Milo is very efficient and helpful
Ken McDougal
91 days ago
Catherine Eridon
92 days ago
Milo was outstanding!! 😃
Marna Aguiar
3 days ago
Was quick to answer. Very courteous. pacient , and immediately saw the problem. Excellent!
4 days ago
Fast response
Kim Milewsky
5 days ago
The agent was wonderful. I could not find the answer to paying my excursion in full while on the website. But the agent took care of that.
6 days ago
Because Lia was nice and answered my questions and offered her services for when I was ready to book.
Myrna Neims
7 days ago
Andrea was patient and looked up any answers she didn't immediately have. She definitely deserves a raise!
Stella Margaret Taylor
9 days ago
I wasd having a lot of difficulty with the process on this site but your agent was amazing helping me through. Her name is Lisa.
Sherry Dunnam
12 days ago
Everything was easy to book an excursion!
Shannon Heide
12 days ago
I am happy with the chat. I was not happy with the answer. I wanted a menu for el cid all inclusive. They give you a bit of information but apparently menu changes daily. I just hate the unknowns. I like to know exactly what I’m paying for.
16 days ago
Super helpful agent, very competent and knowledgeable.
Leona Fontenot
19 days ago
It was fast and perfect for the things I needed to know.
Amy Bernstein
22 days ago
Got me the info need
23 days ago
She answered my question and was fast and very pleasant
Alexa Melancon
25 days ago
Lia was wonderful and really helped a lot!
25 days ago
Milo was helpful in explaining what we needed to know.
John Slade
26 days ago
It was easy to engage & recieve information & get a quick resolution.
Laura Weidner
27 days ago
Great chat, I just would prefer to prepay for these excursions and not have to deal with it when I am on vacation.
Nancy Ratliff
28 days ago
Susana was able to quickly pull up our reservation, answer my questions and help resolve my scheduling conflict.
Patty Bugner
30 days ago
Friendly and supportive
sara gardley
32 days ago
the site is super easy to navigate. Everyone is always friendly and very quick.
41 days ago
The agent provided the information she could give but For my room reservation question I was referred to contact by call ,that was a but inconvenient for me .
Jane Gustafson
42 days ago
The chat person was very professional in both her knowledge and manner. My questions were answered quickly and accurately.
Lisa Thompson
44 days ago
It was very easy and I received a quick answer!
Shenese Broadus
45 days ago
Awesome Service
Alma C Pratt
46 days ago
very helpful
Julian Mondragon
46 days ago
All questions were answered quick and helpful
Bonny Bass
48 days ago
Prompt, efficient service thank you
Jane Gustafson
52 days ago
Very informative and answered my questions quickly and professionally.
Justin Basham
55 days ago
Lia was wonderful
Rebecca Martin
56 days ago
Support was prompt and helpful.
Estefany Lemus
57 days ago
I was not explaining the situation great and the agent was still pleasantly helpful. Great service.
58 days ago
Devon Alioto
62 days ago
Lia was very courteous and prompt in responding to my questions.
armando hernandez
62 days ago
agent worked fast to find the answer
65 days ago
She didn’t even give me a website
Janires Cosme
67 days ago
Outstanding assistance. Thanks
Jeff Rowe
68 days ago
Susana is FANTASTIC. Helped me with all my needs.
68 days ago
Solved my issue in 2 mins!
Denise Wright
68 days ago
Everything was handled quickly and exceeded my expectations!
Sonya Gilmore
68 days ago
Milo was very knowledgeable and helpful
Melissa Lynn Sisz
70 days ago
Solved my issue in 3 mins!
Shannon Mouzon
70 days ago
You state that you offer refunds and cancellations if you can't get off the boat. We were unable to get off in time due to customs. We were unable to reschedule due to our flight home and now we are being told that it is non-refundable. Why offer a non-refundable excursion when you list that you will refund if you can't get off the boat?
Mary Carol Story
72 days ago
Milo was very helpful and very knowledgeable.
Wendy Payne
74 days ago
Milo is great
Miriam Turner
74 days ago
Still not booked
Destiny Nunez
78 days ago
My issue was fix quickly and had no issues at all.
Phyllis Markham
80 days ago
Shore excursioneer always exceeds our expectations.
Jamie Truett
83 days ago
Milo is great!
Lauren Schulman
85 days ago
Great clarification on details before booking
90 days ago
Helped answer what I needed to know
Lisa Walker
92 days ago
We are sort that you are not doing excursions from Harvest Caye right now
Helen Hylton
93 days ago
The agent handled everything in a smooth manner. After I receive my refund, I will write a positive review!