Shore Excursioneer Live Help Customer Reviews

Our Live Chat feature allows customers to quickly interact with our Shore Excursion booking specialists for any assistance required. We continuously monitor the performance and customer satisfaction provided in order to constantly improve our services. We at Shore Excursioneer are happy to share those Online Live Chat booking service reviews with you. Happy shore excursions shopping!

21 days ago
NO, the parasailing excursion was sold out
Cynthia Simpson
23 days ago
Susana was so helpful!!!! Went above and beyond. This company is awesome!
Celeste Parker
24 days ago
I got an answer the next morning
25 days ago
Thank you for the quick reponse.
Simone D Williams
25 days ago
The response was quick & it was easy to cancel my reservation
Ricardo lake
26 days ago
very straight forward and to the point
Kelly Smith
28 days ago
Lia was very polite and quickly helped me correct a problem with my original booking.
Lily Fry
31 days ago
Susana did a Wonderful job on updating our new ports for the Vista departing Galveston January 8th.
Susan Kiefer
32 days ago
Perfect service. Give Milo a raise!
37 days ago
Got all the info I needed in a timely manner.
Remie Yu
41 days ago
So easy!
42 days ago
The individual was very patient with me on clarification very detailed I really appreciate that. I never have used ur sight before but he/she ensure me all will be just fine.
Volie Schultea III
46 days ago
great service
Margaret Brown
48 days ago
So happy to be back cruising. Missed you guys
Mark Bonham
49 days ago
Helpful and quick!
Joshua Barnhardt
51 days ago
Very helpful and extremely nice
52 days ago
My questions were answered in a timely and very friendly manner. I hope to be able to use your service once I know if my cruise will be following it's currently assigned itinerary.
Amy D Napier
55 days ago
I feel as if any money in my digital wallet should be able to be used to my choosing not just toward deposits.
55 days ago
The rep answered my question although I was hoping the answer was different. I want you guys to offer this:
Carey Stabenau
58 days ago
Sunny was amazing!!!
Karen Scullin
59 days ago
Because she first told me how to find what I was looking for then went the extra step to snap a pic so it was perfectly clear.
64 days ago
Excellent service. Susana was very quick to respond and offered to check other details for me. She’s terrific!
Carl Boast
70 days ago
Concise in a short time. Courteous and knowledgeable.
John E Gorman
71 days ago
Everything was great and quick !!
72 days ago
Quickly answered my question after double checking the operator's info
Trevor Boyle
75 days ago
Some of the best customer service out there. Other companies should take note.
Madeline Gorski
77 days ago
Agent very helpful. We had problems printing from your web site. Got it covered!
Dave Honan
79 days ago
Susana was able to resolve my request quickly and efficiently.
Michael Ross
81 days ago
I needed to make a change to a tour, and Susana was perfect to deal with. Making it all very easy. I look forward to using your site in the future.
Angi Drew
82 days ago
Quick response and helpful
85 days ago
Lia was wonderful. We appreciate all of her help. She was very helpful. The BEST!!!
86 days ago
Susana was Superb !
89 days ago
The agent was able to not only assist me, but assure me that in the future I will get the same impeccable service as I did today.
92 days ago
Lia was just fine. I was hoping that as I was book 3 senior citizens for 3 different excursions, there might be a slight discount. Oh, well.
94 days ago
Great service! Couldn’t exactly answer my question so I’ll ask resort direct.
Bill Hardeman
94 days ago
Lia answered our question with a quick response.
Donna M Moreland
99 days ago
After chatting, agent answered all my questions. While resolving my issue.
101 days ago
The agent was able to help me in every way
Jean Schimcek
102 days ago
Easy to communicate
Shannon Jolley
102 days ago
Susana was great trying to help me get the answers I need.
Shlawnda Celestine
103 days ago
106 days ago
The itinerary for my cruise was not showing correctly and Sunny was able to fix everything while I was on the Chart with them. We try to use Shore Excursioneer when ever we can. I have never had bad service with them.
Joseph Culin
107 days ago
Great service; we love this company!
110 days ago
Wanted to pay all in advance. You are not able to accommodate that request..
Elizabeth Potvin
112 days ago
Very easy to use.
Jason Holtsclaw
115 days ago
Chat was quick and easy. You guys rock!
Eileen Teti
115 days ago
Everything about the chat was great.
Amber Calnan
119 days ago
119 days ago
Tammy McCall
121 days ago
Fast friendly and easy ..
126 days ago
Lia was great
23 days ago
Quick and easy response.
Dr. Thomas Minotti
23 days ago
No issues with obtaining refund.
Charma Kelly
24 days ago
Sunny was great
Brad Dowling
25 days ago
I was told I'd get an email notifying my all 3 excursions I booked would be refunded
Celeste Parker
25 days ago
waiting on an answer. they said they would email me within 24 hrs
Rob Stalb
27 days ago
Milo helped us confirm a last minute excursion the afternoon before arrival on Christmas Day. Extremely helpful!
Madlin Matthews
31 days ago
He is helping me coordinate excursion with different company’s and he is going to message me back
32 days ago
Lia was fantastic! Friendly, helpful, and fast!
35 days ago
Quick and knowledgeable!
Deb Sheldon
37 days ago
The agent was not aware that Celebrity changed ports, she stated it will be updated in a few hours.
Darren L Lindsey
41 days ago
Very easy
Margaret schreiner
45 days ago
Great information, very helpful, quick and very good at providing the service I needed.
janice M scullin
47 days ago
To be honest I got screwed up because I didn't really know how to use PayPal.
Shari Heatherly
48 days ago
Quick & easy!
Agostino purpura
50 days ago
Honest answer
It’s a shame that company charging 143 for just 3 hrs on poverty other day passes is at least 4 hrs
Gary Hohnl
52 days ago
Question go answered quickly.
Joanne Escobar
54 days ago
My question was answered so quickly and so professionally thank you
Shonna L Whitley
55 days ago
The support was great. The site wouldn't update my cart, so you may want to look into fixing that. Thanks.
Barbara stokes
57 days ago
Susana was quite friendly Listened well to my inquiry Gave good answers easily understood
Rex Loftin
59 days ago
Response was immediate. Acknowledge my problem and offered solution to my satsfaction.
59 days ago
customer service from the rep
Lisa ibarra
64 days ago
Very quick and efficient to resolve my issues. Shore Excurioneer is the best!
Nick flynn
70 days ago
Excellent communication and friendly, prompt and clear answers.
Kenneth marchbanks
72 days ago
Milo was very helpful and friendly. Made me want to the excursion even more
Arthur Eric Wheeldon
73 days ago
Absolutely no hassles.
77 days ago
The agent was very polite and quick with finding the answers to the questions I asked! 10/10 would recommend!!
Casey Cap
79 days ago
Quick and detailed response.
80 days ago
the date was incorrect and Sunny took care of it promptly and professionally and then she sent me the new direct link! panic hit me right away when I saw the wrong date - she made all my fears go away fast. Thank you Sunny.
Bob Ward
81 days ago
Susana was awesome....she checked with the contractor regarding our questions and took care of our concerns quickly and understandably. She did a great job and relieved some of our stress.
83 days ago
Sunny sure made my day sunny! It was the easiest cancelation I didn't want to have to make!
85 days ago
Very understanding
87 days ago
Question was answered quickly, and the agent offered another option to look for the information before the website is updated. Thanks Sunny!
Talva Burnette
92 days ago
Fast and helpful service. Thank you
Dennis Bell
92 days ago
Agent was unable to answer some of my questions without checking with other people.
Jean Schimcek
94 days ago
easy to work with
Lindsey Moody
97 days ago
The time your excursion would've left and come back would've given us no time to shop. Thought the site would be in sync with cruise ship arrival. Not 2 hours after we arrived. Dissatisfied
Bill Hardeman
100 days ago
Milo was absolutely great. Helped me iin every way. Great customer service and I would highly recommend this company.
Cindy Lippmann
101 days ago
Question was answered quickly. Agent was very polite and helpful
Don Baldwin
102 days ago
Instant resolution to my request.
Byron Jordan
102 days ago
They saw that times of excursion and cruise didn't match and changed excursion for me
Kathi Kelly
103 days ago
Lia was great, exactly answered my question.
106 days ago
very prompt responses - just wish the excursion was available for 2 persons. thanks.
Jennifer kay Mann
107 days ago
Answered all questions efficiently
111 days ago
Sonny did a great job....good employee
113 days ago
Good support from great staff member. Wish anyone knew how islands and cruise lines will get back to operation. Slow process but from our experience the tour operators are begging for customers.
Jason Holtsclaw
115 days ago
Lia is awesome. Give her a raise!
118 days ago
Quick service and answers
Matt Savage
119 days ago
Susana quickly and efficiently answered my question
120 days ago
very helpful
122 days ago
Very smooth; very knowledgeable. Better than on the phone if u ask me. GREAT JOB!!!
126 days ago
Lia was helpful!