Shore Excursioneer Live Help Customer Reviews

Our Live Chat feature allows customers to quickly interact with our Shore Excursion booking specialists for any assistance required. We continuously monitor the performance and customer satisfaction provided in order to constantly improve our services. We at Shore Excursioneer are happy to share those Online Live Chat booking service reviews with you. Happy shore excursions shopping!

Tamra Franklin
Sunny was very helpful and went out of her way to assist me. Thanks Sunny!
Carrie McIntosh
3 days ago
Very helpful,and completely satisfied. 😊
Anita Wishon
7 days ago
Sunny was very nice and answered my question very quickly
Cathy Wall
8 days ago
Susana was awesome!!!
11 days ago
Susana was wonderful
Anthony Hendrix
13 days ago
Sunny was very helpful and answered our every question and concern.
Tashara Christian
14 days ago
fast, convenient and nice
16 days ago
Everything Perfect! Thank you!
Kelly Bleigh
20 days ago
Milo was great!
Cynthia Bailey
22 days ago
Great Customer Service was able to answer my questions.
Robyn Jensen
23 days ago
Susana was very polite and thoroughly answered all of my questions.
26 days ago
we Need more times to take two excursions when we port from 9am-11pm
30 days ago
Answered my question quickly.
31 days ago
goo help
Edelina Dumlao
33 days ago
Thank you Sunny so much for being so patient with me
Tamra Franklin
35 days ago
Sunny was fab! Thanks!
LeAnn Dunn
38 days ago
Milo was extremely helpful and I am highly pleased and satisfied. Thank you!!!
Brandy Merrill
41 days ago
Milo was very fast and helpful with the information I needed.
Linda Ramlot
41 days ago
Hoping in the future I would have a bigger group to use ypur tour
41 days ago
Very responsive and informed
Gustavo Anzaldua
43 days ago
I could understand Milo very well. He would be in my team any day to work for me.
43 days ago
Very helpful and answered questions
David Errico
43 days ago
Excellent service and solved my problem quickly.
jackie s powers
46 days ago
Thank you for working with us through these trying travel times. Your service is appreciated more than you know!
Deborah Bilbrey
47 days ago
Milo was helpful, kind and patient!
50 days ago
Good job.
55 days ago
Thank you. It will be great using you guys again. You’ve never disappoint
Jeff moomey
56 days ago
She was fast and friendly
Ivenna I Gore
60 days ago
Excellent support and speedy adjustment made as requested.
Chase Treanor
60 days ago
agent helped me walk through the refund process
Juliette Cumberbatch
65 days ago
The support was good but they could not answer what the local vendor would do. They did promise however to get back to me with the answer as soon as possible.
Deborah Duffy
69 days ago
If the website that wants you to buy the day pass explained what was included with the 5 different options there would be no need to ask questions but yes, Sunny answered my questions fully.
Ashley Peoples
77 days ago
Super fast and answered my questions
79 days ago
Great help
sharon bradford
83 days ago
Milo was awesome! Very helpful. Your company is always so easy to work with. Thank you for the outstanding service.
Rachel Cox
94 days ago
Fast response and complete resolution to my issue on the first try!
96 days ago
she was awsome, i had alot of things messed up
96 days ago
No answer
113 days ago
Very knowledgeable and honest.
Rachel Foley
132 days ago
Milo is fantastic! Thank you
149 days ago
Had to change the date of our excursion, the person I spoke with was fast and very kind. Fixed the issues and we are all set!
170 days ago
I like the way they do business,no B.S.
Alexis Paul
246 days ago
Milo was awesome so he gets all 5's
287 days ago
Always offer great quick service.
Laura Aguilar
292 days ago
CS rep answered all my question even the stupid ones, excellent service.
Catherine Flanagan
294 days ago
everything was accomplished very simply
Sherrie Russell
309 days ago
Milo was super helpful!!
Jay Wagner
330 days ago
Milo was extremely helpful!
Audrey Marie Drake
345 days ago
I like not having to call to resolve my issue
Debbie Baker
358 days ago
Question asked and answered quu
Sherry Gates
359 days ago
Very quick with their response and very informative. They were very helpful!😊
Carrie McIntosh
3 days ago
Thanks a lot. I changed my reservation twice. You guy's still helped me with no fuss
Patrick Gutierrez
4 days ago
Response was quick, courteous, and answered my question completely. Since then I have registered with Shore Excursioneer and booked the excursion I was questioning about. I am also looking at your site for my remaining 2 stops on my cruise, so as long as you get me back to the boat on time for this one I may end up on 2 more of your excursions 🙃
7 days ago
Very friendly and helpful!
8 days ago
Milo was very polite and helpful!
James Samberson
13 days ago
Agent was clear and quick with the answers. For the site, i was not able to pull up my order myself as I did not set up an account before I booked it.
Joy Hemnes
14 days ago
Very kind and helpful
15 days ago
Most helpful and quick response to my questions
Irene Cook
20 days ago
I've never had better chat support anywhere else!
21 days ago
Susana was very helpful and did a good job.
James Helton
22 days ago
Quick and easy, thanks
25 days ago
We love y'all! We'll be back SOON!
Elizabeth Stowell
27 days ago
Milo was very helpful and I appreciate the time he took to answer my questions
31 days ago
Even thought the answer was not what I wanted, it was quick and satisfactory
jennifer burnette
31 days ago
i was a bit confused on my new cruise dates, Milo was very helpful in helping to straighten everything out
34 days ago
Milo was AWESOME! I messed up the date/year of my excursion (even with all the prompts and help!) and he quickly fixed my mistake and we are so excited! Thank you!!
Rochelle Wilson
35 days ago
Quick response, Sunny was helpful and solved the issue I was having. Made sure I was satisfied with booking.
40 days ago
Sara - thank you :-)
Stephanie Childress
41 days ago
Milo was great! Was able to see what the problem was and fix it for me. Super Helpful and friendly :)
41 days ago
Friendly and responsive
Brittany Vazquez
42 days ago
Super helpful and polite!
Lance Kaye
43 days ago
I use this website for most of my cruise excursions. I've never been disappointed. Milo was very helpful and patient.
Margaret schreiner
43 days ago
He found my file, he reported the information to me and then helped with next steps. Perfect
Ashlie K
43 days ago
Sunny is awesome & finds out the answers to each tedious question I have!!
47 days ago
very easy to change reservation date
Staci Fleming
49 days ago
I would think that in a world where cruising is being so highly scrutinized at this time that every company that works with cruise line passenger would be in contact with the cruise lines and would be working to make sure that their excursions are cruise line approved. I am disappointed to hear that this company does not know the guidelines of the cruise lines.
52 days ago
I did not get email to register...
56 days ago
57 days ago
The support was great and Milo made this an easy experience. Looking forward to booking my excursion in the future with you all!
60 days ago
Many thanks to Sara - she was excellent, friendly, and very helpful!
64 days ago
Sunny was prompt and understanding. Thank you!
66 days ago
Surprisingly easy. Very knowledgeable agent.
74 days ago
Thanks milo
77 days ago
very helpful
80 days ago
Very helpful
93 days ago
great and helpfull
Alexandria Williams
95 days ago
Sara was very helpful, thanks Sara!!
96 days ago
Sara was very easy to deal with and took care of everything fast
Stephen M Woods
105 days ago
The chatting was easy and Sunny was professional and courteous and very helpful, thx
127 days ago
Milo was very helpful and gave me the answers I was looking for in an efficient way.
146 days ago
Milo was great to work with. Made my transaction painless and easy!
160 days ago
The wrong dates were selected on two of our excursions. The dates are supposed to be January 25th and January 26th 2022
Frank Ricci
239 days ago
Excellent, no issues, very helpful. Thank you Milo.
Cabira Howard
254 days ago
It was quick and simple.
289 days ago
Milo was a great help
David Kutz
292 days ago
Milo got right on top of my request, answered my questions, gave me my options, then took care of things quickly. Thank you!
294 days ago
great customer service. and so easy to use
324 days ago
Excellent customer service as always.
336 days ago
Milo Rocks!!!
Frank Ricci
355 days ago
Diane Mattis
359 days ago
Michael Dutchuk
362 days ago
Well done...great job Milo!